EFPS | #1001| Last Updated January 16, 2017

Select and register system number in Database




System Description This system has been created for processing website payments between EFP and our Providing Web Host. Follow these instruction to ensure that website payments are processed correctly.



1. Determine Clients hosting account via Database


2. Log into the appropriate host (wix)


3. Select “My Sites” and scroll down to and non-active site


4. Click “Select Site”


5. Click “Upgrade to premium plan”


6.  Click “For personal use” Combo


7. Check the circle “Monthly Subscription”


8. Click “Select”


9. Uncheck “Save my credit card information


10. Enter Credit card information


11. Click “Submit Purchase”


12. Close page. Return to Wix home menu page.


13. Hover over little person upper left of screen


14. Select “Premium Plans” from Dropdown


15. Located the website you just activated

16. Click “Reassign to a different site”


17. Scroll to the site you are updating and click Assign


** NOTE: If site is still active skip to #23, If not proceed to #18 **


18. From the top of the screen hover over “Subscriptions”


19. Click Domains


20. Locate the Domain in which you are paying


21. Push the arrow down and hit connect


22. Scroll to appropriate website and click “Connect”


23. Use the Credit Lock Card to insure no payments are auto removed

       - # 4673-3901-0839-8184  02/19  478


 a. Hover over little person upper left of screen”

 b. Click Premium Plans

 c. Locate recently updated website

 d. click “Manage Payments”

 e.  Located the active Combo “Select Arrow down”

 f. Click “Update Payment Method”

 g. Enter the Credit Card Lock information

 h  Click “Yes” Save Credit Card Information   

i.  Click “Yes” Update for all Subscriptions  



All updates must be notated, by changing the “Last Updated” date above, and emailing the newly updated system to