EFPS | #1003| Last Updated May 25, 2015

Select and register system number in Database



System Discretion: This system has been created to ensure that we have an accurate monthly reporting binder to match the accounting records. Follow these steps to make sure our binder is up to day


  1. Locate the binder Titled 2015 Receipt Binder


  1.  Take a blank Envelope | write the reporting month on it


  1. Place a whole punch in envelope and file in binder under appropriate month


  1. Store all loose receipts in the envelope for the reporting month


  1. All receipts for the month  should be stored in this binder. Reporting layout is as follows


  • Year to Date Efarley Report

  • Paypal Monthly Detail Report (Current Month)

    • Log into www.paypal.com

    • Hover over the word More

    • From the dropdown select reports

    • Click monthly financial report

    • Select the reporting month | View Report

    • Once opened click “Detailed Report” upper right

    • Once opened click “Download |PDF” upper right

    • Once download is complete print report

  • Mt. Pilgrim Check Copies

  • Gas Receipts

  • Rent Stub Copy

  • ATT Phone and Internet Receipt

  • SMUD Energy Receipt

  • Utility | Water Garbage Sewer Receipts


All updates must be notated, buy changing the “Last Updated” date above, and emailing the newly updated system to