EFPS | #1004| Last Updated July 02, 2015

Select and register system number in Database



System Discretion: This systems has been created to ensure that all Client notes are stored correctly in the appropriate file. The note filing process should cover notes that were written prior to the closing month. (For Example) If you a closing out the month of June, you should be filing the month of May. June records need to stay on the electronic archive until August for quick reference.




  1. Log into laptop computer


  1. Click on EFarley Production Folder


  1. Click on the “0Daily” Folder


  1. Click on “Client Notes” Document”


  1.  One by one, select all notes in each Clients Box


  1. Create a blank word document, and paste the content


  1. Highlight all content and Color black


  1. Remove any notes added in the last 30 days


  1. Print and file in Clients folder


{Steps 5 Thru 8 should be completed for each Client.}


10. On the Client Note Document remove all notes written prior to the last 30 days


11. Once all items are printed, update the date on document

All updates must be notated, buy changing the “Last Updated” date above, and emailing the newly updated system to