Efarley Productions© creates beautiful, fully functional websites on behalf of YOUR BUSINESS. We build the website in accordance to our web building application that you will be given the opportunity to fully customize at the start of the web building process. Your options are endless! Our goal is to allow your vision to shine through your new website.




Efarley Productions© and or its assigned designee, provide basic website technical support services for YOUR BUSINESS. We give you the comfort of knowing that your site is in good hands, and should any technical concerns arise, our team will handle them expediently!



Efarley Productions© provides 30 Web Updates per monthly billing cycle. Helping to keep your consumers informed of what’s new, and current in your business! Additional updates can be purchased as well!



Efarley Productions© Manages up to 3 Social Media Sites with regular updates on behalf of YOUR BUSINESS. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are just  example of some of the social sites used. We are able to help connect your business, with the world around you, by keeping the Media informed of the positive things going on in your business!!



Efarley Productions© creates and Manages blog sections on behalf of YOUR BUSINESS. We closely monitor all blog postings to ensure that all content is appropriate, and represents your business well. We monitor and review all content on a regular basis, and remove any content considered inappropriate for YOUR BUSINESS immediately.

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