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Ball-Out Academy Inc.


October 20, 2023


Website - EFP®


New Dynamic website needed for Non-Profit. New website will dive deeper into Ball-Out Academy's Programs and contracts, as well as Staff/Coaches. The new site will provide a calendar of events, as well as a gallery to show past and future events. Site vistors will be able to see available services, and download or process the signup application directly from the website. The current website will be updated with upcoming events, and will remain active until the new website is ready to go. Google Suites will host email accounts and should be connected with the website domain. Domain transfers will be initiated. Domains will be moved to the Godaddy platform prior to website hosting.


Saturday, March 9, 2024

NOTE: Changes to your original request, and delayed responses to our request for info or materials may cause changes to your estimated completion date.


Larry F

March 1, 2024

Email account created for Brittney M. (USER) (PASS) boabm9160!

Updated by:

Larry F

February 29, 2024

Display names has been updated on all email accounts, per the list of names recieved from Ms. Dezzie. The name Kenneth Duncan was not added to this list. However, there is an exisiting email account created under that name. I have update the display name to reflect same. The March 2024 invoice has been updated to reflect a new email account for Brittney Marthine. This invoice should be sent out from PayPal automatically any day now. I can either create the new email account once the invoice has been paid to include the new email account, or I can generate a separate invoice to reflect an additional email account.

Updated by:

Larry F

February 28, 2024

TEXT- (Display names for Email) received a text from Ms Dezzie.

“Hi Larry, I was trying to wait on Kenneth to get those other items but I need to go on and get the emails set up with the display name showing. I also need to add Brittney Duncan for an email.

These are the names that you already have emails for that we need the display name to show.

Ken Duncan
Shelbi Oliphant
Richard Edwards
Deeunj Stevenson
Brelon Bellscott
Eugene Eaton
Josh Duncan
Brittney Martine
Donna Williams
Dezzie Dickson

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Updated by:

Larry F

February 15, 2024

(CALL) Spoke with Dezzie, she would like to make sure all team members name show on emails when sending and recieving.

Updated by:

Larry F

February 13, 2024

Invoice for Website Flyers has been prepared. Click below to view and pay invoice.

Updated by:

Larry F

February 13, 2024

(ZOOM) Meeting with Ball-Out Academy team. (Great Meeting) We have walked through the layout of the new website. Everything looks good design wise. Here is a checklist of the next steps for the website.

√ Send invoice for templates

√ Change "Game Schedule" title to "Schools"

√ Collect list of schools (safe schools)

√ Link contact page to

_ Collect Team Members Full Names for email

_ Add full names to Email addresses

_ Collect any permission forms

_ Collect Additional Gallery Pics from Ken

_ Add Coaches Images and Bios

√ Update social media Instagram link
√ Remove unused social media icons

_ Make Flyer Template for Parent Link Up

_ Create page for Parent Link Up

_ Generate QR Code for Parent Link up

_ Collect link for Google Doc from Dezzie

_ Connect Google Doc to parent link up page

_ Make Flyer Template for Hoop Sessions

_ Create Page for Hoop Sessions

_ Generate QR Code for Hoop Sessions

_ Confirm what website info needs to be editable

_ Update event page / Use sample event if needed

_ Create Permissions Page List

_ Confirm Permissions with Dezzie

_ Active all log-ins

_ Mobile website check

_ Connect to Domain

Updated by:

Larry F

February 11, 2024

Hello Dezzie,

Per your request email accounts have been created. To check email, visit Scroll to the bottom of any page and click "Check email"


P: Boadj91611!

P: Boakd91623@

P: Boakd91634#

P: Boadd91645$

P: Boasi91656%

P: Boabn91667^

P: Board91678!

P: Boada91689*

P: Boajh91690!

P: Boaee91601!

Updated by:

Larry F

February 9, 2024

Website Sample Pages Video Prepared for Ball Out Team to view. Click "Sample Video" to view pages.

Updated by:

Larry F

February 9, 2024

Spoke with Dezzie. She has viewed the sample pages of the website. There is a contact that she will connect me with to work on the calendar to make sure that everything links together. Dezzie has also requested to add an alias to her email address. It will be "" She will touch basis with Ken on those bios for the coaches. Ms Dezzie has paid the invoice for the new email accounts today. I will set those up, and get those sent to her. We will use passwords that are custom to each user. Billing cycle will start on March 01, 2024

Updated by:

Larry F

January 22, 2024

Domain Transfer Successful. Email boxes can be setup once invoice has been returned.

Updated by:

Larry F

January 16, 2024

I have contacted Mr. Kenneth today and requested him to forward the wix email to me. Kenneth has foward the information to me. I have completed the next steps of the transfer. (Transfer Fee $24.00) Paid by EFP® I text kenneth to let him know that another email would follow to confirm the update. I asked that he either confirm the updates on his end, or send those emails to me as soon as possible.

Updated by:

Larry F

January 15, 2024

Recieved a text message from Dezzie Monday Early Morning. Dezzie has confirmed she is out of the country for now, and will return on Sunday, and requested to touch basis when she returns. I confimed with Ms. Dezzie that the wix code can expire and lock us out if we do not complete the transfer process soon. Ms. Dezzie has provided me with Kenneth Duncan's contact information to contact him for needed items.

Updated by:

Larry F

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