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Production Manager / Owner


Larry Eugene Farley, Jr.

Business Owner

EFarley Production Services®


Driven by a profound desire to assist others in advancing toward their innate passions, Larry Farley Jr. founded EFarley Productions (EFP®) in 2002. Initially concentrating on music and video media services, the EFarley® brand eventually expanded into a trio of distinct ventures: Music Media, Web Media, and Graphic Design Media Promotional Services. Despite their varied offerings, each arm of the brand steadfastly pursues Larry's foundational aim of facilitating others' progress toward their passions. This commitment led Larry to harness his natural talents and skills, integrating them into the ethos of EFarley Productions®.


Larry Farley has successfully managed numerous projects, showcasing exceptional leadership abilities and a penchant for creating efficient operational systems to ensure seamless productions. Known for his versatility and dedication, Mr. Farley has become the preferred consultant for a variety of individuals and businesses alike. With a genuine spirit of service, he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to assist you.

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