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Production Manager / Owner

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Larry Eugene Farley, Jr.

Business Owner

EFarley Production Services®


With nothing more than a desire to help others move one step closer to their God given passion, In the year 2002, Larry Farley Jr. established EFarley Productions (EFP®). In the beginning his direction and  focus would be music and video media services only. Years later the Efarley® brand would extend from a single production focused business, into three separate entities.  These entities include Music Media, Web Media, and Graphic Design Media Promotional Services.  Although each entity offers a different service, each service aligns with Larry's original goal to help others move one step closer to their passion. It is for this reason that Larry Farley Jr, decided to take all of his natural God given talents and skills, and work them into the EFarley Productions® brand.


Larry Farley has overseen numerous projects. He has great leadership skills, and loves to build systems of operations to ensure a smooth production. As a man who wears many hats, it's not a wonder that Mr. Farley has become the  "go to " guy for so many individuals, and business owners. He has a real heart to serve, and looks forward to serving you.

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